Hold My Hand, Mama (Hardcover Book)

A Touching Story to Walk You Through The Circle of Life from a Daughter's First Steps to Her Mother's Last and Beyond. Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient A mother's hands hold so much love. They are the first to hold you when you try your first steps; The hands that hold you tight, teach you to be brave and help you face your fears; The hands that point you in the right direction when you are a young adult; The hands that hold and welcome your newborn to the family when you also become a mother; And make the circle of life repeat itself all over again. From mothers to daughters and daughters to mothers, Hold My Hand, Mama is a heartwarming book that will make you cherish the precious moments you share with your mothers, grandmothers, and special women in your life. No matter your age, this book will make you and your children smile, reminisce and share beautiful tears together.