Giant Garden Foam Checkers Set (local pick up only)

  • Family-favorite multi-generational game of checkers designed for oversized indoor or outdoor play!
  • Includes 64 interlocking red and black square foam pieces (¼" thick) that fit together to form a 4' sq. checkerboard
  • 24 thick, round ergonomic foam playing pieces are easy for little hands to grasp
  • Includes carry bag for storage and transportation
  • Can also be used as a soft play mat for little ones
  • Skill-building play: sharpens strategy, concentration and problem-solving skills; and reinforces pattern recognition for younger players
  • Ages 3 and up.

Enjoy the classic game of checkers, indoors or out, with our Giant Garden Foam Checkers Set. An easy game to learn, playing checkers helps children build and sharpen strategy and problem-solving skills, promotes confident decision-making, and can boost memory recall. Plus, it's just a fun way for ALL ages to combat boredom! This over-sized checkers game can be set up anywhere—the playroom floor, the driveway, or a flat spot in the backyard.

64 interlocking square foam pieces (¼" thick) create a red and black checkerboard that measures 4' sq. when set up. The 24 thick, round ergonomic foam playing pieces are easy for little hands to grab onto as they hop over their opponents. And, children who may be too young to understand the rules and concept of checkers can still enjoy putting the pieces together as a large puzzle, reinforcing pattern recognition. Bonus—it makes a soft play mat for little ones.

Easy to take apart for storage or travel; carry bag included. Complete rules of play included.