Mixy Squish Pastel Textured Air Dry Clay By Horizon Group USA

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  • INCLUDES 6 COLORS OF TEXTURED, AIR-DRY CLAY: With 6 different fun colored clays and crunchy, sparkly add-ins like mini foam balls and glitter — get ready to experience ready-made texture without the extra prep!
  • STRETCH IT, SCULPT IT, SQUISH IT: See how far your Mixy Squish can stretch. Use your hands to sculpt tons of creatures and creations. Squeeze and squish for hours of tactile, textured fun!
  • STICKS TO ITSELF, NOT YOUR HANDS: That means endless sensory fun, with the easiest clean-up!
  • DRIES SQUISHY & SMOOTH: After 24-48 hours, your Mixy Squish masterpieces will be completely dry — without cracks or crumbling, just soft and spongy fun!
  • AGE RANGE: 6 years & up